November 11, 2018


“Healing Ourselves, Our People, Our Planet”

is our mission statement.

Healing Our Planet is a tremendous task.

We are joining in the “Eating Free Food” initiative to create lands worldwide to feed Our People and renew Our Planet.

Donate Today!


It all begins with these Healing Centers around the world spreading LIGHT throughout theirĀ  communities. Once the communities begin to be healed, large tracts of land can be purchased for food production. Using renewable crops, most of our societal needs could be met. Help us to begin the Renewal of our Planet in this LIGHT. Donate to the International Center of Light, Inc. today!

The International Center of Light, Inc. is currently seeking a commercial space or acreage of not less than 4 acres in the Venice, Florida area or South Sarasota County Florida for an International Headquarters.

Please help make this need a reality through your donations.

Thank you in advance!

The International Center of Light, Inc. is a Florida Not-For-Profit corporation registered
as a Church providing a Religious and Charitable Mission to our Communities.

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