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Center of Healing

We offer Reiki Healing Treatments by Certified Reiki Practitioners
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The Cornerstone of the “International Center of Light, Inc.” is our Mission of “Healing Ourselves, Our People, Our Planet”. We offer Reiki Treatments through one of our Certified Reiki Practitioners. Become a Reiki Practitioner and join our Reiki Circle.

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Church of Reiki

We have created the “Church of Reiki” to honor our heritage as Reiki Practitioners. Reiki Practitioners worldwide may become Ministers in the Church of Reiki. By acknowledging your initiations and lineage in Reiki, you can become a recognized Minister.

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iCenter of Light

We have created the “iCenter” as the Teaching ray of the International Center of Light. The iCenter facilitates classes in Reiki, Art, Metaphysics, Crystals, Plants, Wellness and more. We share our space with Teachers who align with our mission

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“Healing Ourselves, Our People, Our Planet” is our mission statement. Healing Our Planet is a tremendous task. We are joining in the “Eating Free Food” initiative to create lands worldwide to feed Our People and renew Our Planet.

Healing Ourselves, Our People, Our Planet

Begin with a Reiki Treatment from a Certified Reiki Practitioner

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